Lawn & Garden Services

We offer full landscape projects to lawn restoration and property maintenance.

Seymour Lawn & Garden

Softscaping and hardscaping

Softscaping services

We have the knowledge, working together with a local landscape designer, to design a thoughtful garden creation that will suit your current property conditions. Taking into consideration your preferences and landscape conditions we are able to provide year round interest that will thrive for years to come.

Hardscaping services

We are well versed in installing and repairing retaining walls, pathways, driveways and patios. Experienced in using a variety of materials and expert knowledge ensures a desired and functional outcome.

Lawn restoration / maintenance

  • Lawn assessment and restorations
  • Power raking and dethatching
  • Top dress over seeding (re seeding)
  • Grub control (Chafer beetle)
  • Customized lawn cutting programs
  • Seasonal lawn care packages available (see below)
  • Chafer beetle or weed problem can be a thing of the past with our soil restoration and tall fescue beetle resistant turf

Property maintenance

  • Garden clean ups (cutting back of invasive vegetation/weeding)
  • Top up your garden beds with fresh nutrient rich soil or mulch
  • Garden creation or expansion (annual & perennial seasonal colour rotation)
  • Leaf clean up and removal of debris
  • Power washing
  • Junk removal
  • Snow removal & salting
  • Automated irrigation installation

Tree, hedge and shrub installation and care

  • Hedge installation and precision trimming
  • Custom tree pruning/removal/branch selection/canopy raising/spiral pruning

We have extensive knowledge on how to properly plant and maintain various specimens to help them thrive.

available packages

Lawn maintenance packages

Complete package

1 spring aeration, 1 spring lime, 1 spring fertilizer, 1 moss control, 2 summer fertilizers, 1 fall moss control, 1 fall lime, 1 fall aeration

All season

1 spring aeration, 1 spring fertilizer, 1 spring lime, 1 moss control, 2 summer fertilizers, 1 fall fertilizer

Season starter

1 spring aeration, 1 spring fertilizer, 1 spring lime

Spring package

1 spring aeration, 1 spring fertilizer, 1 spring lime, 1 moss control

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